Monday, 9 February 2009

Crush, close your eyes and sniff (2)

Beside my single-fronted terrace, runs a passageway which I have strewn with hanging baskets which, when brushed against, release the most pungent of ... odors, aromas, fragrances ... the fragrance of basil wafts on the humid, still night air. The senses spring to life with memory of basil, garlic, olive oil (extra virgin), field mushrooms and finely sliced shallots all tossed in a deep skillet with slivers of wagyu beef.


Anonymous said...

Ah basil, I miss it; we're in the winter phase. Rain, hail, and leaky roofs. This recipe sounds absolutely perfect, but I confess, must google "wagyu."

Joan Elizabeth said...

Stoooop ... you are making me hungry. I could smell the basil the moment I saw it.

Annie said...

mmm..very nice!