Thursday 5 February 2009

Room with a view

I think this is a common St Andrews Cross spider. If so, it is fairly harmless. This one sure has lots of food stored. Taken from Bradleys Head, below Taronga Zoo.


MurciaDailyPhoto said...

That spider has a good view of the bay.

Virginia said...

A glutton I think. Surely J, there's a haiku here.

Tash said...

pretty & sleek.
And if he had distance vision he could see that spectacular view!

Jilly said...

What a beauty and I don't just mean the spider. Amazing to see the bridge like that - beautiful!

Julie I gave a short answer to your question on Menton DP (yesterday's post) - and thanks for asking.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Great shot. It takes a photographer to spot the more intersting opportunity in a simple spider and web.