Sunday 20 September 2015

Mrs Macquarie's Point

Our forebears were really wise, and reserved much of the harbour foreshores on the southside for public recreation. Here is some of it.

Elizabeth Macquarie shared her husband's passion for aesthetics. This was a new and rough land they were trying to civilise. The indigenous inhabitants used the land in a totally different way to those born and bred in England's "green and pleasant land". If the Aborigines wanted fresh green shoots, they used fire. If the colonists wanted green shoots, they planted trees from their homeland. Eucalypts and acacias are more olive green than "Jerusalem" green.

This aerial view of the southern shores of the harbour is an excellent overview of the results of the vision of the Macquaries. This shows the Royal Botanic Gardens and The Domain. I have included a labelled version, too, down below. From the left, the three inlets: Wooloomooloo Bay, Farm Cove, and Sydney Cove. The two Peninsulas: Mrs Macquarie's Point, and Bennelong Point. Garden Island is out-of-sight to the left. The harbour bridge is out-of-sight to the right.

My two photos were taken from the tip of Mrs Macquarie's Point looking across Farm Cove to the city skyline, and Government House, nestling in the trees of the Botanic Gardens. This was the home of the Governors of this state, New South Wales, from 1845 until the present day (with two small breaks). Of course, there is a mucho impressive view from the tip of Elizabeth's point looking across the harbour itself. Show you this tomorrow.


Cloudia said...

Thrilling photos!


Luis Gomez said...

It was there where I fell in love with Sydney.

Sami said...

Beautiful photos. It was one of my favourite spots when I visited Sydney.
I'm glad they had the foresight to leave a vast green area around the harbour and close to the city centre.

William Kendall said...

The aerial view is amazing!

Joe said...

Sydney Harbour is magnificent Julie. It must be one of the most impressive harbours in the world.