Friday 9 October 2015

The CBD - From a Distance

The city is on the south-side of the harbour. Greenwich (gren-ich) Point is on the north-side of the harbour. We are looking south-east. It is about 9am last Monday, a Public Holiday here in New South Wales.

Greenwich Point baths are new to me. They are a small, fenced, harbour pool; pay for entry. Parking is not easy to come by. Access is steep. It is a delight, and the views are to die for.

They have a "Nippers" programme which starts on 1st November, so I am assured we will be back.

A note on the first image. There is a forested area immediately before the high-rise of the CBD. This is Goat Island.


William Kendall said...

What a skyline!

I see that irritating spammer is using yet another name, but the same message.

Unknown said...

Skylines are the best angles to frame a city that you visit. It can almost tell you every single aspect of the place without having to document every location that you go to. If in Sydney we usually use the opera house to signify, in here we have this different perspective of a concrete jungle to show.