Wednesday 2 March 2016

Beneath the Street

More and more of Sydney is beneath the streets. There are road tunnels, there are shopping malls, and there are railway stations.

This is one of the tunnels between St James Railway Station and street level. St James is beneath Hyde Park (North).

This tunnel leads towards Macquarie street, to St James Anglican Church, and to Hyde Park Barracks. It is a mass of city workers during the week, the Supeme Court of NSW being very close. But, I was there one Sunday morning.

Photo 1: A St James tunnel showing photos of its 1926 construction on the tiled walls.
Photo 2: The steps leading from the tunnel to the plaza outside St James Church
Photo 3: St James Church
Photo 4: St James taken from the forecourt of Hyde Park Barracks


William Kendall said...

I like the church particularly. Here we're rather limited in terms of tunnels- at least publicly accessible tunnels- though there are a few. Toronto has over ten kilometres of underground space in the downtown core involving retail space beneath office towers.

Joe said...

With the our growing population density it seems we have no option but to go up and as well as down Julie.