Wednesday 14 October 2015

Turn left down the harbour ...

Where are we going today, Mr. Nicholson?
Where is the going to be?
Don't turn left, turn right down the harbour
And out to the open sea.
This is the refrain to Bernard Bolan's "Rose Bay Ferry", but it is applicable to nigh every vessel that plies its trade on Sydney Harbour. Except, from Greenwich Point Wharf, one turns left to head for the open sea.

The first two images are turning left (east) and show the skyline, and the obscured bridge. Goat Island has a fairly okay location!

The next two photos, after the shot of the basic Greenwich Point Wharf, are looking across to Cockatoo Island, which was a convict island, and then a ship-building island.


diane b said...

I wouldn't like to go out to the open sea on a Greenwich Point ferry.

William Kendall said...

It looks like good conditions to be out on the water.

Joe said...

Sydney harbour is magnificent Julie. I haven't been to Sydney a lot but when I do it is great to catch a ferry and take in the sights.

Jim said...

Sydney Harbour shots are marvellous from any angle.