Friday, 31 October 2014

Theme Day - Landmark

Rookwood Necropolis was established in 1865. It covers 286 hectares. There are upwards of one million people buried in the cemetery. It is the largest in Sydney. Indeed, it is the size of a suburb.

Within the Anglican Section of the cemetery lies the epynonymous Serpentine Canal. The canal is an open, brick-lined drain that was commenced prior to 1890, giving employment to labourers during hard economic times. It is crossed at regular intervals by wrought-iron bridges.

There has been much restoration work done on the canal and its surrounds over the last decade. The plantinga. where possible, have been returned to their original horticultural base. This is an ongoing task, akin to painting the harbour bridge.
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Thursday, 30 October 2014


At Clontarf, this assisting role is invariably taken by males.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Jack time

It is that time of year again. When the lilac blooms flutter increasingly from onhigh. When driveways are strewn with honey-traps. When those who frolic bare-footed, take their life into their own hands.

Yes, our Jacaranda tree is in bloom, and whist it may not be the shapeliest tree in all Christendom, nor the most bountiful tree even on the lower north-shore of Sydney, it is OUR tree!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Travel by train (3/3)

Often, when I travel by train, I am one of very few in a carriage. I know I travel early in the day. I know, serendipitiously, I often get on at the beginning of a route. I rarely travel in peak hour, when trains and buses are loaded to the gunnels. I get scared in crowds, and the pressures inside my head beome intolerable. On a Saturday, if I am late returning from Gosford, and the train has four carriages instead of eight, we are packed in like sardines. To make matters worse, a large proportion of these travellers seem to have travel suitcases with them. Large travel suitcases.

But, primarily, what you see here is how my journeys begin.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Travel by train (2)

When I visit my brother - my "big" bro'- I make tne outward journey from Sydney Central without change, to Gosford. The entire outward journey - walk, bus, train, taxi - takes three hours. The outward journey is via Strathfield, and Hornsby.

The return journey is different. I take one train from Gosford to Hornsby, and then change trains to go down the North Shore line rather than the Main Western line. I shop in Chatswood, and then catch the 267 bus home with a 20 minute walk. It is a long day that starts at 6:30 am.

The photo shows my connection waiting at the platform at Hornsby, as soon as my train from Gosford pulled in. It takes a while for me to shake off the movement of vehicular travel. Things are still moving, and the ground still swaying for about 10 minutes. And that is even when I bury myself in the single seat on the lower level of the carriage immediately adjacent to the stairs.