Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Theme Day - Up-side-down - Tall ship, Enterprize (7)

Although an experienced scuba-diver, and an afficionado of marine archaeology, my friend, Diane, was hesitant about taking the one hour jaunt on "The Enterprize" on Port Phillip Bay, out of Portarlington. The weather was brewing, and this close to the heads, the waters have a treacherous reputation.

The decision made, we boarded and headed for the dead-centre of the deck to mitigate the bluster and swell as nuch as possible.I walk with a stick, and wobble precariously at times, so did not move around for the duration. I did, however, move from the vertical to the horizontal, ie, I lay down on the cabin roof, which afforded some remarkable views of the rigging.

This is my contribution to the City Daily Photo Monthly Theme Day. For further contributions to the July Theme of "Upside-Down" please visit the CDP Gallery.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Tall ship Enterprize (6)

Wish me luck here! I have absolutely no expertise here whatsoever, so please, call me out with anything where you reckon you have a fact to counter my random guess!

Above, is a block and tackle.

Left: Another combination of block and tackle

Right: a series of Belaying Pins (thank you, Paul from Auckkland West, this post is all your fault!

Above: an anchor ... I probably need to specify the type ... yikes!

Left: the Main Mast

Right: a Gaff-Rigged sail

Above Left: A Futtock Ring

Above Right: A Futtock Shroud

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Tall ship, Enterprize (5)

Of course, not all tall ship lovers, are lovers of the pitch and roll of onboard life. Some are landlubbers.

The organgrinder was probably more interested in the music, but was on hand to provide colour and atmosphere. The large fella, well he concentrated on these pinthings, once we were safely tied up once again. Any idea what the pins are for?

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Tall ship, Enterprize (4)

The National Celtic Folk Festival is held at Portarlington, just south of Geelong, every Queen's Birthday Long Weekend (first weekend in June). It commenced in 2004. It has the usual array of market stalls, and off-beat acts, in addition to a vast array of Celtic performers, both from Australia and the British Isles.

On the tall ship, we were entertained by four musicians in total, but I only caught the name of two, Mandy Keating and Helen McLachlan. They performed before we cast off, and for the entirety of the trip, which gave me something enjoyable to focus my attention upon, rather than on the weather conditions. Helen brought out a mandolin, in addition to her guitar. I note she also plays the banjo, and Mandy the Irish flute. They were accompanied by the accordian and, back behind me, but not in a good position for my camera, there was a chap on the Irish Bagpipes!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Tall ship, Enterprize (3)

The crew of my tall ship were all volunteers. I guess they are a smidge like railway steam-engine afficionados: dedicated, yet bonkers.

They covered a wide range of ages, but seemed to be mainly older men, yet younger women.