Monday, 29 December 2008

Whacking the waves

They were bunched together, halfway up the beach, judging and assessing the "whackability" of each successive wave. When they judged the next wave was a goer, one would sprint over the sand, holding a boogie-board out in front, and launch himself at the top of the wave. When contact was made, he would harness both sets of energy to project his body into a somersault taking the board with him. Avalon Beach (Pacific Ocean) on the Pittwater Peninsula just north of Sydney Harbour.

Puts me in mind of a rope game from the 50s: two ropes turning in opposite directions, the gamester needed to judge the best time to enter the twirling spaces all the while avoiding being burned on the legs.


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Kim said...

Hey Julie, That is quite a shot! He looks airborne. What fun. I loved seeing your Christmas tree and the two lovely ladies, too. We've been having snow while your summer seems in full swing. Hope you are enjoying being part of the City Daily Photo family,
Seattle Daily Photo

Hilda said...

Whoa, great action shot!

Welcome to the CDPB community! What a great day to begin your blog :) Hope you have as much fun here as I do. Happy photoblogging!

Ann said...

Brilliant shot, You've really caught the action. I never could manage that two rope skipping game very well.

Julie said...

Ann: I did manage to capture a really good somersault. However, as a clicked two relatively large folks sauntered in front of my lens and the poor acrobat is totally sandwiched! Trust my luck that he was the best one upsidedown! Great fun trying to capture them though.

Antonia said...

Excellent capture - you have catch the moment! Wonderful photo!

altadenahiker said...

You are a whacking good photographer!

bitingmidge said...

Now you have me scanning the horizon looking for wave whackers! The closest I have come thus far was a rather later than middle aged gent who was apparently trying to stop the ocean entirely with his more than ample frame.

I'll spare you the photo!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Babzy said...

i love the shot ,the mouvement is perfect !