Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Balmain: Bridge from Mort Bay

Looking NE from Mort Bay, Balmain about 6:30am

Sydney - as with many other large cities - considers suburbs grouped together to form cohesive geographic areas, eg Northern Beaches, North Shore, The Hills, Western Suburbs, The Shire, Inner West and Eastern Suburbs and St George.

Balmain is part of the Inner West and runs the length of a peninsula jutting out into Port Jackson. It is a very old working class suburb that has been "gentrified" over the last forty years. Mort Bay housed the Mort Dry Dock until about 1968 when it was no longer economically viable. It is now parkland with protected remants of dock.

Morning becomes electric
Another day
roars up at you out of the east
in an expressway of birds gargling their first
antiseptic song, where clouds are
bumper-to-bumper all the way back to the horizon.
Bruce Dawe


Mo said...

A very tranquil image

JM said...

Beautiful light! I like the still surface of the water. Very relaxing photo.

Bergson said...

i like to come here in winter
the sun is in this blog :-)

J Bar said...

Don't forget the St George Area.

Ann said...

A view of the bridge we don't usually see. Very atmospheric light.

We might no have much to recommend us but you shouldn't forget St George. We do have Botany Bay.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Love the light in the photo and I like the poem -- the birds gargling, the bumper-to-bumper clouds when most of us face bumper-to-bumper traffic in the morning (One more week to enjoy before that again).

this too will pass said...

lovely picture; they completed our Tyne Bridge a little earlier than its' big brother in Sydney


My fascination with bridges is sated with this image including an exquisite reflection.

Dusty Lens said...

Such a picturesque harbor and a vert pleasant new year morning.

J Bar said...

I see you've added the St George area to your list of Sydney regions. Excellent! Thank You.