Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Facing the harbour

As many of you exclaimed, yesterday's eye belonged to the face of Luna Park.

Built on land once used to store bridge building equipment, Luna Park which opened in 1935, nestles beside the northern pylon of the Harbour Bridge in the suburb of Milson's Point. It has had a long and chequered history of bankruptcy, closures, court-cases and refurbishments.

The laughing face is its distinguishing feature and this photograph shows its 8th incarnation which was erected in 1994 and based on Arthur Barton's early '50s version. The Face was listed as an item of national heritage by the National Trust in the early '80s.

Tomorrow: The talented Mr Art Barton.


J Bar said...

Great shot of a colourful Sydney icon. I've got a night time shot that I'm keen to post but wanted to go back and get another daytime shot first.

Virginia said...

Hello summer. We are dredged in winter here and I am desperate to escape. This is my answer. Delightful and full of fun and color. I've had a brief holiday. Thank you Julie.

Tash said...

Is it a bit scary of an entrance for the tiny tots? The eye close up reminded me of Bob's Big Boy http://www.roadsidepeek.com/coffeeeats/coffeeshop/bigboy/bobs.htm

JM said...

It's great to see the whole thing too!

Anonymous said...

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