Saturday, 10 January 2009

Sparkling Sydney summer Sunday sunrise

I bid farewell to the inner-west for the time being. Balmain is an intruiging place - being such an early suburb in what has to be regarded as a young city (1788). I want to revisit and focus upon the built environment: there are some wonderful terraces and working-man's cottages in addition to some rusty derelict factories.The fisherman here had absolutely no English and he was surrounded by Japanese tourists wondering why the ferry did not arrive and how to call a water taxi. I think he was from a Baltic country - not that I am a good judge of the sound of language.
The next two photos put the location into context for the Sydney locals. This is looking back across to Balmain from the Birchgrove side of Mort Bay. You can see the tiny ferry wharf and just to the left of that you can see the old boatshed. In one image it is covered by a willow and in the other it is just at the back of the water taxi.So, yes, the Japanese lads did get their water taxi ride back to Circular Quay. This excursion of mine was magical. I left home just before 6am and was back home by 7:30am. Can not think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning.


raf said...

Lovely images, Julie, of what sounds like a perfect early morning outing. Thanks for taking us along!

Destitute Rebel said...

Looks like a day well spent, lovely pictures you have put up today.

Mo said...

Lovely morning images.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Love the photos but sunrise only ever reminds me of the dreadful winter commute driving into the glare of the rising sun. I try to avoid sunrise in the summer time even though it is clearly a very beautiful thing.

Erk, I go back to work tomorrow.