Thursday, 26 February 2009

Life after death - Lake Eyre

This is the flat salt pan of Southern Lake Eyre when I toured Central Australia just after Easter in 2008.

The Australian carried a wonderful story this morning about the flood waters draining into Lake Eyre. The waters began their journey in that massive deluge that caused so much destruction throughout western Queensland and it has take about 3 weeks for the headwaters to make the journey across the centre of Australia.

There is a stunning gallery of images to accompany the story showing the water wending its way over the parched landscape.


Julie said...

very interesting and I enjoyed the gallery of photos showing the filling of the lake.

Nancy said...

Sorry to hear about the damage the flood did.

You really captured a beautiful picture of the sky. I love taking pictures such as this.

Good Day!


Hilda said...

Now that you mention 'the parched landscape,' I'm confused whether the flood was bad or good. The way nature works, I guess it was both.

This is a magnificent photo!
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Joan Elizabeth said...

I'd love to see Lake Eyre ... with or without water. Maybe when I get to be a grey nomad.

Julie said...

I would love to be a grey nomad for 6 months and traverse this continent counter-clockwise. Oh, to see Ningaloo, Monkey Mia and Coral Bay ...

Petrea said...

This is gorgeous. And thank you for the link to the image gallery, it's as stunning as you say.