Saturday, 14 March 2009

Years of feet

I could not prove the years had feet,
Yet confident they run
And I from symptoms that are past
And series that are done.

I find my feet have further goals,
I smile upon the aims
That felt so ample yesterday -
Today's have vaster claims.
Emily Dickinson


bitingmidge said...

Can I just say that your last week or so has been full of wonderful shots?


Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

Joan Elizabeth said...

I second that motion! It was your incredible talent to "see" and "say" in photos as well as "seeing" and "saying" in words that attracted me to your blog in the first place and always keeps me hanging in for more as it just gets better and better.

I see you have used Emily one of my big time favourites today, just as I have gone with your favourite Yeats.

Julie said...

...*gulp*... ummm ... thank you.

I realise that I am not an easy blog to visit, but drumming differently is a precious strand of my life.

altadenahiker said...

Another fan here, but you knew that. Besides, I like your feet. I have hiker's feet, and they look most boney and abused.

Tash said...

Lovely, healthy feet with wrinkles - no edema there. (I know you are too young but I get a bit of arm swelling and am so happy when I see lots of wrinkles.)