Sunday, 5 April 2009

Beauty through a lens

Fountain at Palace Gardens Gate beside Macquarie Street
. 432 .
The poets light but lamps,
Themselves go out;
The wicks they stimulate,
If vital light

Inhere as do the suns,
Each age a lens
Disseminating their
... Emily Dickinson...


Mo said...

Great shot

Jacob said...

Wonderful work! There is fragility here, but also strength.

Virginia said...

Makes me long for your haikus but this image and poem will suffice for now.

Per Stromsjo said...

Jacob is right. Strength. Even determination.

Joan Elizabeth said...

The crisp clarity of the water is lovely. I love seeing Sydney through your eye.

brattcat said...

You make the visual medium of photography palpable here. This photograph achieves the remarkable feat of engaging every sense as if this was a direct experience for the viewer. Fantastic!

Fio said...

Fantastic shot!