Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Lavender Bay (3)

So many icons: Bridge, Opera House, Centrepoint, Luna Park. But they remain cold and distanced until given a human face.

During the years that saw this tiny nation construct the SHB (1923 - 1932), my father's family lived down Cabramurra way and sponging on them was Uncle Arthur, my grandfather's younger brother. Affectionately known as Mooch - 'cause that's what he preferred to do if the other option was work - his only known work was running the girders as a day labourer ensuring that the welders had the necessaries for the hot-rivetting.

Having ferreted down many a digital alleyway, here is the bridge from Lavender Bay as the arch neared closure in August 1930. Where Luna Park now stands is a series of warehouses with triangular roofs and looking through the bridge a Sydneysider would pick out the Botanic Gardens, Government House and the tram shed on Bennelong Point where the Opera House now stands.


J Bar said...

Really enjoying these shots of the harbour from this angle.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

PJ said...

I like your perspective of thebridge here, moving from the personal to the general. I love hearing you talk about your dad, it sounds like you have a great realtionship, Julie.

Jacob said...

These are such nice can get a real feel for Lavender's beautiful and looks to be quite busy.

The old photo helps put it all in perspective, too.

Joan Elizabeth said...

It's hard to imagine Sydney without it's icons but the Opera House for example was built in our lifetime. I am always in awe of people who have the vision to build things that endure or did something as simple as plant a tree for me to enjoy 100 years later.

Lois said...

Fantastic shots and I really enjoy your narrative!