Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Mid-month theme: Subway day

Sydney's extensive rail network constantly receives bad press: the service is not frequent enough; trains run out of order or late; the fares are too high; and, the carriages are not clean enough. While acknowleging these issues, my intent is to describe the past and the present of the rail system. Here is the style of diagram with which many of you will be familiar.
The CityRail Network Map provides a detailed view of the above diagram. I live close to the City and I will post mainly, but not exclusively, about city stations which appear on the right centre of the diagram in a loop known as City Circle.
City Stations
Town Hall
Circular Quay
St James
Martin Place
Kings Cross
Suburban Lines
Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra
Inner West
Airport & East Hills
Southern Line
North Shore & Western Line
Northern Line
Carlingford Line
Epping Line

The mid-month Subway theme has contributions from the following cities:
Budapest - London - New York - Paris - Stockholm - Sydney

Next month's Subway post: Central Station


Per Stromsjo said...

Wow, minding the gap even on a ticket. Well, why not?

Good to have Sydney on board for our theme. Happy subway day !

Peter said...

Welcome to the team! Obviously you take it all seriously, already knowing what next month's subject will be! That's a good start! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oops! I have been there and went to a wrong direction at first. Fortunatelly I had time enough to go back and start again to the right direction and get to to Opera house!
I walked a lot in Sydney with some young woman from New Zeland, thanks for memories :)

Happy days to you!

Mo said...

Welcome on board. You could be describing the tube in your first sentence. Just hope the government doesn't sell the service of to the private sector who then loses all the money.

brattcat said...

That last shot is really stunning. And 36 cents for the fare. How far does that take you?

Julie said...

No no no ... 36c is for GST (Goods & Services Tax). The fare is $4 of which 36c is GST. This journey was from Edgecliff (just up the street from my daughter's apartment) to Roseville (which is where my friend whose knees you met yesterday, lives). This is from one side of the Harbour to well up the other side - so halfway across the city.

Peter said...

I saw from your comment on my blog that you have some nice photos also from the Paris metro. I would be pleased if I could use them (or one of them) for a future post! I like to have "guest stars" on my blog!

Virginia said...

Ahhh Julie, I see Peter is already trying to sweet talk you out of a photo or two. You have to watch him! HA

I look forward to your entry every month. I like the term " mind the gap" on the ticket. Someone else talked about signs that said that on one of their posts I think.

Julie said...

It is a quaint expression: "mind the gap". What they actually mean is "don't fall down there you will be squished horribly dead"!!!

Oh, Pierre, Pierre - the sisterhood is onto you ...

Ming the Merciless said...

Well, every public transportation system has the same complaints. People forget that it is PUBLIC and it runs all day long so it is bound to get dirty.

Welcome to the group and Happy Subway Day.

PJ said...

Beautifully done, Julie. Every edge is clear but softly rendered.

Andrea Gerak said...

Hi Julie, welcome to the family, thanks for joining and happy belated Subway Day!

Excellent train shot and your map reminds me that I should post one for Budapest.

Finally my post is up as well...