Monday, 25 May 2009

Moving words - Sydney Writers' Festival (1)

Queueing for a session, SWF, Thursday

As Autumn fades to a close, the Sydney Writers' Festival lays forth an abundance for both readers and writers. Held in the original wharves district of the city - rapidly becoming the artistic engine-room - the SWF offers well-nigh 60 events for each of four days with a few lead-up events for good measure and a hearty provincial programme as well.

Wharf 4/5, Sydney Dance Company rooms

Spread over 6 venues, with breaks of 30 minutes between sessions, there is a mix of ticketed and free events. The challenge is to craft a schedule that is not only stimulating and fun - but also physically possible. It must also take into account the massive queues that can build up. So choice must be strategic!

Listening in the outside broadcast overflow area

At least this year, the type of session I chose was more my style. I went for a heavier mix of non-fiction, current affairs and politics instead of too much fiction and doctors-wives issues.

Tomorrow: What sessions did I attend?


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed having a look at your photography. It is very good.

julia said...

Nice series of views, love the close ups. I also joined the queues for those interesting talks even an accidental glass a champers at a launch but those of most interest were too popular to get a seat.

brattcat said...

Love this triplet of images. The first and third would fit in perfectly here in Brattleboro. Our Literary Festival takes place in October, our autumn. You evoke so many sensations, memories, feelings with these photographs and your notes. Thank you, Julie. Hope you enjoy all the sessions you attended.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Love the close ups. The woman is knitting so fast it's a blur. My knitting was very slow this weekend, using a horrible type of wool that you have to look at instead of going by feel. I've never attended the writer's festival which is quite silly of me.

French Sydneysider said...

Beautiful shots. I attended a few events myself and I'm curious to hear your account!

That is the chicken said...

The shots of hands are wonderful. Somehow fascinating that they convey character without the face. I really like these.

Jilly said...

Super shots, although we don't see the reader, somehow we feel the intensity and concentration of the person reading.

Tash said...

Doctors'-wives issues? Are there many? Didn't know.
Love the productive hands and the rings in the 3rd photo.

Keropok Man said...

Love this area, the wharf area.
I remember there's some really good restaurants there too!