Saturday, 18 July 2009

Harbour Islands - Shark (2 of 9)

Much to my dismay, the ferry to Shark Island does not run during the winter. Being a cold bleak day (by Australian standards!) I shot from the Rose Bay jetty and then skedaddled back home. I asked my daughter for permission to use some of her wedding shots.

As they boarded the water taxi for the trip back to the reception at Catalina's, the photographer captured the perfect view that Shark Island affords down the harbour. Shark Island is the closest island to the heads.

Top row: From Rose Bay jetty with 250 zoom, the day was grey as, but the harbour was riddled with boats of myriad kind. All this has been classified as park of Sydney Harbour National Park. There is a rotunda on the island plus a few other benches but that is about all.
Bottom row: Kirsten and Darren chose to marry on Shark Island as that is where they met on Valentine's Day three years earlier! The jetty on the left stretches back SW into Rose Bay itself. The point immediately behind the jetty is Point Piper and that is pretty ritzy. As they walked up to the grassy knoll, the city stretched out behind them. It was a gloriously sunny March day in 2007.

Top row: Back on the Rose Bay jetty, to the left of me I had a companion who was being pestered by gulls and as I shot photos and shivered both a taxi and a ferry siddled up to the jetty.
Bottom row: To the right of me, was the pontoons at which the Flying Boat squadron tied up. I can remember back in the early 50s when my aunt would fly from Rose Bay to Lord Howe Island for holidays. Behind the pontoons partway up the rise, is the gloriously gothic Kincoppal Sacred Heart School for Gals and on the horizon, the Dover Heights water tower.

Finally, the only other shot showing the island itself: the proud parents toast their daughter and the life-partner of her choice.


Leif Hagen said...

Congratulations on a beautiful wedding or your beautiful daughter and your handsome son-in-law! Looks like a fabulous day for a special family event! Bravo!

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Thanks for sharing your daughter's wedding day. Congrats the the happy couple, it looked like they had a fabulous time. A great setting for so momentous a occasion.
The pelican looks good too.

Joan Elizabeth said...

The trouble with islands you have to use boats to get to them! So I am very happy to enjoy visiting them with you the easy way.

AB said...

Charming place and a charming event. Was the bird invited to the wedding? It did make a very good photo!

Ming the Merciless said...

What an amazing looking couple! I love the last photo where you guys were toasting the bride and groom.

Your winter should be almost over, right? Spring should be arriving soon.

brattcat said...

How wonderful, this Shark Island series. Your daughter is radiantly beautiful and you son-in-law looks every bit the prince charming. And you and your guy are none too shabby either. These are stunning shots of a marvelous place, event, and family.

Lois said...

Your daughter and husband make such a handsome couple! What a beautiful setting for a wedding.

Julie said...

Thank you friends for your comments. I suspected when I put up this sequence that the wedding would loom larger in your appreciation than the island. Over our coming summer (not yet Ming, we have the windy month of August to get through yet) I will picnic on Shark Island and examine it more intimately.

J Bar said...

What a brilliant setting for a wedding. It certainly looks like a wonderful celebration.
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