Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Who pays the ferryman?

Where are we going today Mr Nicholson
Where is it going to be,
Don’t turn left, turn right down the harbour
And out to the open sea,
Pull up your anchor, pull your finger out
And wave goodbye to your home
We’re off to Nantucket
So give that man a bucket
Cause choppy when you’re out on the foam Heave Ho!
Its choppy when you’re out on the foam.

First verse from "Rose Bay Ferry" by Bernard Bolan


Lois said...

Fabulous shots as always Julie!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Sydney ferries, what a delight they are. When we lived in Kirribilli I was most jealous of my hubbie who caught a ferry to the city each day.

Fiona said...

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but one thing I love about Sydney is the ferries. I had a friend who used to live in Manly, and I used to take the extra expensive extra long way round just for the pleasure of that 30 minutes on the harbour. Adore the portrait!

brattcat said...

Love the long shot and the tight shot of this ferry passenger whose story I can only begin to imagine. I also love the crisp water shots with their saturations of green. Beautiful, Julie.

altadenahiker said...

This doesn't look like one of the huge barges that we called ferryboats in Seattle. Are your ferries regular boats?

Julie said...

Sydney ferries are for people not for vehicles. They vary in size and style depending on the run they are allocated, eg inner harbour, Manly or Parramatta. I will work up a post just on this to show more.

Stephany said...

Truly excellent compositions! The poor man looks so bored. Maybe he rides the ferry every day. It's so easy for us to get jaded, isn't it?

(I changed my blog, yet again, but it's the last time.)