Sunday, 28 November 2010

From Yarranabee Road

This is BEFORE I walked down the hill to the water's edge. I am looking across Rushcutters Bay toward the harbour bridge. The opera house is obscured by a massive P&O liner which is berthed at Garden Island. There are two helicopters in the second image (on the right) but I have no idea what the attraction was on that particular day.


Jo said...

Rushcutter Bay is beautiful with all the yachts on it and the bridge in the background. Have a great day. Kind regards, Jo

Andrew said...

That is a seriously big boat that is spoiling the bridge view.

brattcat said...

Looks like rush hour at Rushcutter Bay.

Kay L. Davies said...

I love the first photo. When I enlarged it, I could see all the luxuriant flowers in the foreground. Gorgeous.
I also love the second photo for the sailboats on the water and even the massive P&O liner.
My first-ever cruise was a month on the old Oriana in 1968.
I wonder if P&O crew members still tell passengers about "POSH" - Port Out, Starboard Home - which was how British passengers on the old Peninsular & Oriental company chose their cabins, so as to be on the landward side of the ship in both directions.
Now merged with Carnival, it's not the old P&O I knew.
Well, Julie, your photos have stirred up lots of old memories.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

uncertainhorizon said...

I am jealous, I can't wait for spring to return here... in the meantime enjoy it.

Virginia said...

Perhaps I 've said this way too many live in one gorgeous place. Thanks for sharing.

J Bar said...

Really terrific views. Regarding 'flats' vs 'apartments'. I know it seems trendier to use the term apartments these days but I still prefer flats. :)

diane said...

That is one huge ship.