Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sydney Open - QVB Dome

This is 'Sydney Open' weekend conducted by the Historic Houses Trust. I have three Focus Tours: the dome of the Queen Victoria Building; the disused tunnels of Central Station; and, the Tank Stream. In between, I have a City Pass to make the most of that I can.

This is my third 'Sydney Open' so I have seen some of the buildings that are open today. It is the perennial 'travelling salesman' connundrum: the best route between desired locations. Here is my 'solution':
Judge's House
King Street Courts
Royal Automobile Club
Police & Justice Museum
History House, and
BMA House.
Yesterday, between heavy rain, I climbed the numerous steps and ladders to walk around the main dome of the QVB. What a way to see a city! However, no photographs. We were told no cameras were allowed the route being too steep and precipitate. However, we had no sooner started than out came all the pocket cameras and mobile phones. I did not realise that I was such a law-abiding citizen. However, one kind gentleman took my email addy and, with any luck, something will arrive during the week. In the meantime, these shots from the interior of this building showing that it is, once again, that time of year.


Kay L. Davies said...

Is that a Christmas tree at the back? And Christmas decorations on the right? This early in November? Oh dear. Well, I hope the rest of the tour isn't as unseasonal as that. Looking forward to your photos.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Sarah Lulu said...

Lovely ...I was there only about 3 weeks ago!

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely building!
Really Victorian too.
Hence the name? ;)

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love this building and have done my best to photograph in various occasions. I really like your top shot.

J Bar said...

The tour sounds great. Terrific clock pics at the QVB.

diane said...

It is a great building. Have fun visiting the open buildings. I must do more next time it is on here. We didn't brave the rain.

altadenahiker said...

Look forward to more.

TheChieftess said...

Love that top shot!!! The perspective, the color, the composition!!! Nice!!!

Ann said...

I couldn't get any Focus Tours - sold out very early on. I didn't get past the Rocks but saw 11 different properties in that area. Took the pocket camera rather than the SLR and was glad I did, not only for the walking but was able to take photos in most places. My list: Merchant's House, Signal Station, Richmond Villa, Glover Cottages, 30 Bond, AmEx, KPMG, Sydney Theatre, YHA/Discovery Centre, Radisson Hotel. 6 hours walking - I ache today.

Ann said...

Now I remember, the 11th was the Gateway down at the Quay.