Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Stamping one’s marque

Here we have a row of four terraces in Paddington. Not in the best of streets, neither in the best of conditions – on the outside. There is no date on the battlement as there is on other job-lots, but my guess is between 1885 and 1895. They have a terrible aspect, in the lea of a hill with their facade facing into another rise to the south. Well, not terrible; just not ideal. Just a couple of blocks from Five Ways is good, though.

Tivoli - Rugby - Bronte

All these names are identifiably English, for one reason or another. Then, we have Glendaruel, which I thought initially to be Welsh but research proves to be Scottish. According to Wiki, Glendaruel is a glen in Cowal, Argyll, Scotland. And the filigree is so very different.

Bronte - the peachy one - was traded in October 2010 but the price withheld. My guess is between $1.25 and $1.5 million. It has 88 sqm of land whereas Glendaruel has 189 sqm of land. Only two bedrooms and one bathroom.

It has to have been constructed at a different time from the other three.


Ann said...

They are still beautiful. So much more charm than a modern one.

J Bar said...

Marvellous decorations on top of these terrace houses. I also like how they are painted in different pastel colours which look really good together.

Jilly said...

Julie, first of all, many apologies for being away from your wonderful blog for so long. I've looked from time to time but life seems to have overrun me in terms of comments. I adore these Paddington houses. Had a brother-in-law who lived in one - they are such an iconic part of Sydney.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

With all that cast iron, I was thinking New Orleans.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Hey I missed this post somehow. I love the old terraces and considered buying at various times but always found the steps to narrow and steep for my taste (as well as the price tag). We had a townhouse in Canberra which I guess is the modern equivalent.