Saturday, 22 January 2011

2011 Australian Legends

Today, as a lead-up to Australia Day, saw the release of the next set in this annual stamp series which commenced in 1997. This year we honour four women from the '70s with a set entitled 'Advancing Equality'. The four women so honoured are (L to R):
Eva Cox
Germaine Greer
Elizabeth Evatt, and
Anne Summers.
Australia Post has a paragraph about the achievements of each of them. The series honours living Australians who have contributed to our national identity and character. Before 1997, members of the British Royal Family were the only living people 'allowed' to be on our stamps. *Ouch*!

The series thus far has celebrated:
1997 - Sir Donald Bradman (cricketer)
1998 - Olympic legends
1999 - Arthur Boyd (painter)
2000 - The ANZACs
2001 - Slim Dusty (country singer)
2002 - Medical scientists
2003 - Tennis legends
2004 - Dame Joan Sutherland (soprano)
2005 - Fashion designers
2006 - Barry Humphries (satirist)
2007 - Horse racing 'identities'
2008 - Legends of philanthropy
2009 - Acting legends
2010 - Legends of prose


Luis Gomez said...

It is always good to celebrate people while they are alive and recognize their efforts. Julie, thank you so much for you comment yesterday. I am honored.

Kay L. Davies said...

I agree with Luis. Recognition isn't really recognition if the people aren't alive to enjoy it.
Yes, I remember when the Queen was on all Canadian stamps, too. O well, better her than US presidents.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Andrew said...

Germs even looks quite respectable. I heard her on the wireless a couple of days ago. She seems to have mellowed, or maybe she just liked the interviewer.

Windsmoke. said...

Recognition of Australians on stamps is a wonderful idea instead of having the Queen's head on them all the time.

J Bar said...

What's great about stamps is they teach about histoy and people. I only know of the achievements of two of these women but now I know about two more.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I get a bit tired of womens rights stuff but looking at the list thus far it is about time they got their turn.

Winchester Daily Photos said...

Never knew you weren't allowed living people on your stamps until recently! I wonder if we still have that rule in the UK?

diane b said...

I didn't realise this was an ongoing series. I must check in my collection and see how many I have. I respect these women. Greer in small doses.

Julie said...

Andrew: Was the interviewer a young chap?

Jim: Interesting. Which two did you know?

Joan: I get tired of all 'rights' stuff, unless it is balanced with the 'responsibilities' stuff as well.

Diane: Greer plays the media at their own game. I agree, we have four admirable women here, who have led admirable lives.

Andrew said...

He was. Waleed Aly. She has good taste.

Julie said...