Thursday, 17 February 2011

Five Ways (3) - Heeley Street

Looking down Heeey Street to the FW intersection
Dominated by its topography, Paddington snakes sinuously across and down the escarpment, carved by pristine watercourses from the antiquity of Gondwanaland - watercourses now forced underground.

There are a number of small (expensive) shops on Heeley, viz cellar, hair salon and niche cafes as well as a KU preschool
To say it is not a pooor area is probably an insulting understatement. The terraces are old on the outside due to heritage restrictions, but internally they are worth millions. Land, however, is at a premium and people 'live on the street'; hence, the cafe culture, and the plethora of playground equipment and handkerchief parks, which once were single terraces.

People are still wedded to the motor car, even this close to the city, although my guess is that it is evenly divided between private car, bus and foot. Even using my stick, I can be in Hyde Park within 30 minutes.

Looking from the FW intersection up Heeley Street


Anonymous said...

The town progressive fathers have a conservative nature. The city is beautiful.

Luis Gomez said...

Great series of posts Julie.

Kay L. Davies said...

I love the first photo, Julie. Makes me want to be there.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Peter said...

Paddo - it is very handy. Vive la revolution indeed.

Joan Elizabeth said...

All that squished in togetherness is nice. Though I wonder do people know each other much -- after all the kids would all go to the same posh schools and they all sit at the same cafes.

When I lived in the city in apartments with 500 units apiece we knew some but not many.

Julie said...

People still like their own 'space' I feel, but Paddo, although 'squished' does not feel dense. People nod and smile without being 'miss-have-a-chat'. I think individual streets, being shorter, know each other more. What appeals to me is the small individual footprint, yet larger communal footprint. The absence of McMansions is appealing.

Jim said...

Good, good, good.

Lori Skoog said...

I have not been here in ages. Boy have I been missing out on some great photos!

Simona Albanese said...

Hi Julie,
haven't been in Paddington for sometimes now, but I like around there and the narrow streets remind me Rome so much...maybe on my next visit in Sydney we could meet for coffee!!