Saturday, 12 March 2011

Body language

Often there is an instant reaction to a stranger - whether in the positive or in the negative. Where do YOU get your information from about people? Is is how they look, or what they say? Or do you have 'cats' whiskers' that pick up more subtle vibes?


Luis Gomez said...

Love these!

Becky said...

Great shots. Perfect in B/W. I first notice how people look (only natural I suppose), and then it's how they move and where they look when interacting with me.

Your blog is beautiful! Thank you for blessing me with a visit to my amateur blog.

Peter said...

Its chemistry, so the songs say. The scientists say DNA,

Steffe said...

I met a girl today (will post the portrait tomorrow), I noticed her headgear from behind and decided to ask her for a portrait because of that cap.

Julie said...

Ahh yes ... photography can skew our normal human reactions. But I do adore your portraits. Must get into some more of my own.

Kay L. Davies said...

Wonderful photographs, Julie.
My mother's first instincts about people were almost always right, but as soon as she started thinking about it, she could easily change her mind. (Hmm, if I had gone with Mom's first instincts about the men in my life, how different might that life have been?)
I can learn a lot about people by the way they write. I have to be careful not to confuse the way they spell with the way they write, however, and, of course, I don't mean handwriting, either. (Do people even have handwriting any more?)
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Jack said...

Two excellent photographs, Julie. I am often not a fan of converting photos to B&W, but it works well here. You ask an interesting question, but I don't have a ready contribution to the discussion today.

J Bar said...

Terrific close ups.

diane b said...

Nice body parts. I get vibes from their eyes.

Julie said...

Interesting that. The eyes are the pathway to the soul. Each time I have fallen in love it is intricately involved with walking style.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Have you read the book "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell? It explores that question.

Julie said...

I have 'Blink' here on my shelf and, haVING JUST finished a novel, am ready for something non-fiction. Shall start it in the morning.

Vicki said...

Interesting shots, Julie.

I'm a keen observer of body language myself -- so much so that I study textbooks on non-verbal communication. Helps with writing fiction no end. :)

[Re the Green Bottle Fly -- the macro lens was an early birthday present for Alan. I had a lot of fun playing with his new toy yesterday...]

freefalling said...

Vince can look at someone's face and know immediately what kind of person they are.
It's extraordinary.
How does he do that?
It's kinda like he instinctively does that Chinese face reading.

I'm hopeless.
A terrible judge of character in the first instance.
Takes me forever to get the measure of a person.
I'm extremely wary.
I find people reveal themselves over a long period.
Imagine being able to do that with just one look at a face!
It would save a lot of time and energy, wouldn't it?

Julie said...

I agree, it is an extraordinary blessing to be able to 'read' people. I know the concept of judging books by covers, and this is not that. Not just a superficial reading.

It is as though some people are able to 'lay bare' the inner workings of those whom they meet.

It is this skill (?) that has tought me that glossy covers can still reveal inner worth. Which is the complement to the old adage.

Onya Vincie ...

brattcat said...

we have an extraordinary number of receptors feeding information to our senses and ultimately to our brains every second. it's a miracle how the brain interprets all of that information and the end product is a response that can often be distilled to a single word.