Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Paris Eye 21/30 - The summer wind

The sight and the smell of this must be overwhelming at the height of summer. The garden artistry is superb: modern roses in one section, classic roses in another, and yet another detailing the history of the rose. Which I gather was first bred in France.

After the tulips succomb to the inevitable, the iris will strutt their stuff and then, early in June 'tis the turn of this glorious creation. I photographed four bushes, purely based on whether I liked their shape. There must be hundreds of roses growing here.

Oh, to have unlimited space ... and gardeners ... hey my man, turn this sod here, and while you're at it, fill my glass.

Tomorrow ... let's go for a tra-laa-laa through the meadow.


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, all the wonderful things you're seeing. To heck with the touristy stuff, you've found the heart of the Parisienne's Paris, Julie. Dick took 390 photos in the Louvre, and how much will he remember? But meeting a friend for coffee in Paris...super!
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

J Bar said...

what a spectacular garden.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

VaishVijay said...

Last pic is fantastic, especially the details are awesome!

freefalling said...

Aren't those cones perfect?
And Kordes roses!
I have some of them!
I don't spot any little aphids.
You know what I like?
I like the shape of that cypressy looking tree in your second shot.

Julie said...

Letty - It's having a bad-hair day! Yeah, I went looking for aphids - zilch. I took a photo of the soil around the Iris's just pour toi! Will put detail up on Plumbing later today. Met another blogger yesterday over at Invalides. He is from Grafton on my side-bar. He has a photie.

Mary Ann said...

Ah yes, to have land and someone else to tend it! That's the winning combination.

Right now I have only a few humble square feet to worry about--window boxes. That's about all I can handle these days.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I visited England in the summer once and oh the roses. This garden would be as lovely. I'm gunna have roses out a Whistlers Rest one day, the ciimate is good for them out there judging from the magnificent rose beds I have seen about the towm.

diane b said...

A beautiful manicured sculptured garden. As you say it will be prettier when the roses are blooming.I could do with one of the gardeners here right now.

Virginia said...

If I"m not mistaken, this might be the Parc near Peter's flat. I"ve not been here but I do love the gorgeous patterns and I'm always amazed at the well clipped trees! Your peacock shots are gorgeous Julie!

Stafford Ray said...

I must admit I prefer the meadow to the classical garden but what a people-friendly place you have captured to share!

Julie said...

Stafford: I would recommend that everyone first visit the Tuileries and then journey out to experience the Bois de Bologne. The two are what Paris is all about - not buildings.