Sunday, 3 July 2011

To have and to have not

Hemingway published his novel in 1937. Harry is an essentially good man, out of his depth. He lacks the moral courage to cut through, instead going with the flow. His life spirals beyond his own control.

It is a chicken and egg situation. A nature versus nurture connundrum. A set of circumstances rarely resolved by a 'you made your own bed, lie in it' response.


Mark said...

It took me a while to work out your Hemmingway allusion. I wasn't looking hard enough.
Likewise I haven't been looking close enough at your entire blog to see Kristen's Blog. Gee Julie how tough for you all and Kristen is so brave, really the opposite of Harry in said novel, the latest posts suggest tentative good news but I gather there is a long way to go.
You are all in my prayers, take care god bless.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I'm with Mark I had to look much harder today to get your message. It is a dilemma. Sometimes we look at people and think they need lifting out of their situation but they actually don't mind where they are ... it is us that minds. It takes real wisdom to know when and where to help, when and how to encourage. My Mum was such a person but I didn't get that gene.

Julie said...

Thanks be to you both for persevering with my obliqueness.

J Bar said...

Keep up the obliqueness. It keeps us thinking.

Joe said...

Fascinating photos and text. The photos show such a contrast in fortunes.. from the comfort of being able to eat out at "The Hideout" in Paddington to the poverty of "Harry's Hideout" in the lane ways. "Moral courage" sounds too judgmental but I hope he has the "determination" to fight his way back.

Thérèse said...

Facts are facts. Sometimes a choice, sometimes beyond one's control.
Brilliantly illustrated.