Friday, 15 July 2011

Waverley Depot

In 1902, a tram depot was established on this site in Bondi on the York St boundary of Centennial Park. In 1959 it ceased being a tram depot and instead became a bus depot.

This conversion resulted in the loss of many of the historic, though jumbled, buildings on the site, with just this one original remaining from the 1902 construction period.

Why is it that the past is always so much more romantic, and the present merely pedestrian?


J Bar said...

Some interesting architecture there.

Chrissy Brand said...

Nice photos combining modern transport and the old brick buildings. I think the past is always more romantic because we look back on it as an entire, completed set of memories, whereas the present is still at a time where all the many parts are coming together. These will form what will become a romantic past , in the future. (if that makes sense).


Joe said...

We lose a part of our history when buildings like these are demolished.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Why is the past romantic? I am finding the return of the 70s a bit strange but like the difference of the past compared to the present. Interesting to think about what of the present will endure.