Sunday, 14 August 2011

Decline and fall

Tucked in behind Five Ways, at the rear of Gusto's Brasserie, is a narrow woebegone alley, sign-posted White Lane. Filled with natural debris and human detritus, it started life as a service lane for the 'night-cart', morphing gradually into motor garaging. As her age catches up with her, the 1888 building is sucked to her knees by rising damp, and the inevitability of dust-to-dust.


J Bar said...

Keep seeing more and more of these graffiti posters about the place.

Gemma Wiseman said...

This looks like a rather creepy, but fascinating spot! Not often does a face feature as graffiti! Good one!

Bob Crowe said...

We both live in young countries so we know that a building's age is a relative thing. Red-topped bins and crossed blue eyes subtract a few years.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Webegone ... good word for so many of those alleys.

Kay L. Davies said...

"Rising damp" -- not a phrase we use in Canada, but if I see it written somewhere, it makes me think of Australia.
No, not because of your buildings, but when I flew to Australia with my kid brother in 1982, the movie on the plane from Vancouver to Sydney was called "Rising Damp" and I thought it was awful.
Rob said he thought it was okay (he was 14) but even he wasn't thrilled when, on the plane back to Vancouver from Sydney, the only movie was, you guessed it, "Rising Damp"!
Yes, young people, 20-hour flights in those days featured one movie, and one only. Not exactly "the good old days" LOL.