Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Prayer on going into my House

God grant a blessing on this tower and cottage
And on my heirs, if all remain unspoiled,
No table or chair or stool not simple enough
For shepherd lads in Galilee; and grant
That I myself for portions of the year
May handle nothing and set eyes on nothing
But what the great and passionate have used
Throughout so many varying centuries
We take it from the norm; yet should I dream
Sinbad the Sailor's brought a painted chest,
Or image, from beyond the Loadstone Mountain,
That dream is a norm; and should some limb of the Devil
Destroy the view by cutting down an ash
That shades the road, or setting up a cottage
Planned in a government office, shorten his life,
Manacle his soul upon the Red Sea bottom.

Hah! Old W.B. Yeats sure knew how to curse and condemn his enemies. One could even suspect that he had little time for petty bureaucrats. Shall take that as a b'neath-my-breath curse:
'May your soul be manacled upon the Red Sea bottom!'


orvokki said...

I love the doors, and yours are nice. The blue one is sweet ... my favorite color..:DDD

Thérèse said...

W.B.Yeats is still a little bit obscure to me... your doors are not :-))

Kay L. Davies said...

Gorgeous doors, Julie. Love the bright colours.
I'm too exhausted to argue with or agree with William Butler Yeats, but it is a good kind of tired. Did unexpected things today with lovely results.
Watch out -- the onslaught of Russian photos begins next week.
-- K

diane b said...

Love the doors but find Yeats hard to understand.

bfarr said...

Coming home to one of those doors would make my day. I love them.

J Bar said...

The current trend seems to be painting these older buildings in these dark colours, as is evident in your top two shots. A splash of colour on the doors brightens them up quite well.

Julie said...

Mmm ... not sure Jim is approving or otherwise. He has strong views on maintaining the 'heritage' of buildings.

JM said...

Such a wonderful set of bright doors! Also love the railings on the previous posts. So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Lovely door shots... so inviting... I haven't read Yeats in years...

Jilly said...


Joan Elizabeth said...

These doors are fab. Will have to come back tomorrow and read your posts ... must go to bed now as tomorrow is one of my got to bed early for the city days.

Rae Walter said...

Love the photos Julie. Don't know what it is that makes doors (and windows for that matter) so interesting to photgraph and then see in a group like you have here.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Back again. What I love about this sequence is the selection. That is what is fascinating about photography. It is more than taking pictures is it choosing what to present and how to present it.

Gunn said...

Love your colorful doors!:)

Julie said...

Thank you, Gunn.