Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Dominatrice - Centrepoint Tower

This view of the city skyline was taken from the National Art School in East Sydney. The 'structure' that dominates this skyline, dominates the city. In my title, I have called it 'Centrepoint Tower' and yet I hesitantly refer to it as a 'structure'. This is because the name keeps changing.

There are naming rights, you see. You pay enough and you get to name the structure. This sort of policy irritates me. I see the same with stadiums for football. I see the same with Grand Final winning 'cups' for football. Money speaks a powerful language, but it also speaks with forked tongue.

Centrepoint Tower has also been known as Sydney Tower, the AMP Tower, and now, Westfield Tower. I like the idea of Centrepoint Tower as I consider it situated on the central heart of European settlement of this ancient land: the point where the Tank Stream rose from a muddy swamp, where the Pitt Street Mall is today.

All views au contraire warmly welcomed.


Kay L. Davies said...

I hate that name-change thing. I hate it when they do it with buildings (the big stadium in my home city, Vancouver, changed its name again and I don't know what it is) and I particularly hate when they do it with streets, because then I get lost.
Nice photo, however, my friend, and thanks for letting me rant.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Ann said...

As far as I'm concerned its Centrepoint. Refuse to call it Westfield Tower. Thankfull you can't see the garish red lettering in the b&w.

Mark said...

I've written on Ann's blog about this, is was will always be Centrepoint Tower!
great BW shot.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Yep is it Centrepoint Tower. The naming thing bugs me too ... crikey there is even the Emirates Melbourne Cup ... is nothing sacred from naming rights.

J Bar said...

I wish they had kept the Centrepoint name. Nothing wrong with Westfield Centrepoint.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

It seems to me Julie, whatever 'they' decide to name it, to Sydney siders it will always be Centrepoint Tower, and quite rightly so!

Julie said...

Yes, I agree with you all. The advertisers will simply be unable to change public usage or sentiment.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading the discussion, great post