Monday, 5 September 2011

St Kilda, busking

The mellow tones of the 'cello waft over, and through the first Saturday Farmers' Markets in the park beside the St Kilda Communal Gardens. No bric-a-brac permitted. Produce only, and sold by the 'grower'. Veggies, cheese, eggs, nuts, fruit, chicken, deer, beef, smoked eel. Six of us stocked up for the BBQ on Saturday, which is a 'hair of the dog' for the festivities this evening.


Kay L. Davies said...

So there are deer farms in Australia, too. I used to live near one in British Columbia. Broke my heart.
Beautiful photo of cello and cellist, Julie.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Dianne said...

Sounds like my sort of market Julie - and the buskers add to the convivial atmosphere. Enjoy Melbourne!

Ann said...

My sort of market as well.

Peter said...

No mumsy tat? Good.

diane b said...

I love those kind of markets. Wish we had one close by. Enjoy the festivities.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I can hear those mellow tones.