Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Look at the score-board!

He wiped the table with us in the first game - as he usually does in Scrabble. He had managed to acquire our box from when we played on the farm in the late '50s. What a rotter he is!

In the second game, he played 'lazed' which I followed with 'gauge' turning it into 'glazed. Then I added 's' to 'Jew' to take it over the Triple Word Score adding 42 to my tally. With one tile left, I was 8 behind, but added 't' to the juncture of 'a' and 'rap' making 'rapt' and 'at'. We were both on 170, but he had to subtract one for the tile he was left holding.

Victory by a country mile!


Halcyon said...

I haven't played Scrabble for some time, but it's a game I've always loved. Maybe I'll have to break out the board! :)
Nice shot here.

Kay L. Davies said...

My husband never played Scrabble until I taught him 10 years ago and now he can beat me. How awful is that? My mother and I used to play Scrabble every chance we got, but for the last few years of her life she was too confused to want to play.
Still one of my favourite things to do, however.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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J Bar said...

My favourite board game. :)

freefalling said...

Did you do a victory dance?
(What's a baud?)

I have a very fancy Scrabble board - it has little fences around each tile on the board so they don't slide AND it's on a turntable! Awesome.

Now I play against the iphone.
But it cheats terribly.


Julie said...

I was NOT subtle!!

Baud refers to the speed on a computer - transmission rate. It is one bit per second. I played that one *puffs out chest*.

We were disadvantaged in that my little bro' forgot to bring his 'bible', a 1968 Concise Oxford. So we were thrown back onto personal ethics.

Yikes that is a very flash Scrabble board. A few years ago - like 12 - I joined a Scrabble club called the 'Balmain Bugs'. But they took their Scrabble so very seriously. Nothing about words and their meaning or derivation, all about scoring. Two or three times a game someone would play all 7 tiles on their rack.

diane b said...

That was a close victory and clever joining up three words.I love scrabble but haven't played for years. I havent played for years but we are hooked on a similar game called bookworm which you can google and play for free. We hav an app for our ipad and it was fun to play on holidays while waiting for planes .
CY O'connor rode his horse into the sea and shot himself. According to wiki he was accused of many crimes and wasting govt money. I reckon he was a good bloke.

Mark said...

Scrabble is such a great game, especially when you win!
Great shot of the surfer, I have one for tomorrow!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Is that 'whent' coming off 'fowls' Julie? qu'est-ce que c'est? Have you tried the new board game 'Articulate' it's great fun. Love the picture from previous post, although the idea of surfing in Perth at the moment is a bit nervewracking, we've had three fatal shark attacks in a very short space of time!

Joe said...

Congratulations on your win Julie. A win is a win whether by one tile or a country mile.

Julie said...

Grace - I shall take that 'whent' up with my brother. He was adamant it was a legit word, which I accepted because we were going on ethics not a dictionary. But now I need to challenge him because I am not able to google and find the word. I have just looked in my own Oxford Concise (1967) and it is not in there either. I trust him, but he does need to know he is mistaken. He also tried to play 'Taffy' with just the one 'f' across a Triple WS. His wife challenged him on that one.

Joan Elizabeth said...

It's a fun game but I've never played with serious players ... you'd beat me for dead every time.