Thursday, 6 September 2012

A monochrome of by-ways

Access-way in Paddington, close to where Norfolk Lane and Cascade Street would intersect - if they were not vertically separated.


hamilton said...

I am getting the impression that Sydney is a very hilly place!
I like the name Cascade Street.

Julie said...

Yes, I guess it is. Melbourne is flat and regular. As is Adelaide. However, Sydney is composed of gullies that run down to a massive drowned valley. Many of our suburbs, here in the east of the city at any rate, run along fingers of peninsulars (peninsuli??) that run down to the harbour.

diane b said...

No r in peninsula. My Swiss husband taught me that.
Nice monochrome. It is a bit like an English lane.

Peter said...

Very Victorian, nice in mono.

Julie said...

Yes, I am wrong. Peninsula is a noun. Peninsular is an adjective.

Yes, it does look a bit English. And I have some of the terraces that sit atop the rock to show you on Sunday.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Call me old fashioned but I love stonework and cast iron.

Kay L. Davies said...

This is gorgeous, Julie.
I'd love to visit Sydney again, because there's so much I didn't see 30 years ago.
Unfortunately, our next two trips are both to Europe, decided upon by he-who-makes-decisions (because it's he who has the money, LOL).
But maybe some day. I keep reminding him I'll happily travel to Australia from Vancouver by ship. Maybe I'll change my mind after we cross the Atlantic from Miami to the Mediterranean in February.

Joe said...

The topography in Sydney has such an influence on its architecture. Very bold lines and contrast in this shot.