Sunday, 7 October 2012

Prepositioning the Pavilion

From the pavilion; along the pavilion, into the pavilion.

The Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach, New South Wales


Joan Elizabeth said...

You make it look so inviting. It is inviting and I like going there but it is often a bit of a mess.

Julie said...

Could not agree more ... a bit of a mess sums it up. But Bondi is a bit of a mess ... sand ... rubbish ... people everywhere ... one of its charms. More of this charming mess each day this coming week.

hamilton said...

lovely arches.

Joe said...

Bondi seems to be synonymous with Sydney. I have been to the pavilion and remember it was teaming with people.

diane b said...

Hee hee a bit of a mess is right but you make it look charming. We are in Vaucluse at the moment but leaving for Canberra tomorrow. There are some charming old houses around here. We went to Vaucluse House today.

Kay L. Davies said...

The 1928 photo makes me think of my grandparents taking my mother (born in 1924) to the beach in British Columbia.
Community centres do have to change as the community changes, don't they?
Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately, Julie, but I've been quite ill for a few weeks.
I hope you are well yourself.
Luv, K

Jo said...

great photos, I don't think I have ever been in the pavilion, so loving your view of it. I am surprised too how you managed your photos with so few people in them, you did well.
The only part we hate of the Bondi Bronte walk is the crowds.

Brian Ward said...

G'day, Julie!
Thanks for the photos of Bondi Pavilion; the middle one above helped me identify where an old family photo was taken.

It was in front of (sea-side) the southern section, which has different support pillars. Thanks again.

Brian @ Grenfell