Friday, 19 October 2012

Stockings for Soldiers - 2

Not only did the volunteer stocking-stuffers give freely of their time, all the goodies that went into the stockings were also donated: by friends, by relatives, and by companies large and small all around Australia. The 2011 stocking-stuffing day was held in Townsville, and the 2012 day was held in Sydney. Defence force personnel move around regularly, and many of the volunteers flew into Sydney to contribute to the effort, and to catch up with old friends. Quite a few had never met each other before, but one could not tell this from the camaraderie of the day!

The entire parcel is a ‘stocking’, but within that parcel there is a hand-knitted stocking, filled to the brim with Lifesavers. Three thousand hand-knitted stockings from knitters aged 10 to 93. Yes, you read correctly! The packing benches were weighed down with, amongst others: candy-canes, Chuppa-chups, shortbreads, Redskins, and Minties. “Two Minties. Don’t forget, Ladies. How many Minties? Two!” Each parcel had a hand written letter from a school child (they poured in from around the country), as well as a small Australian flag. And let’s not forget the dogs that are deployed as EDD (explosive detection dogs); for them a dried pig’s ear, some flea wash, nibbles, and a squeaky rubber ball.

Planning is already underway for the 2013 project, which has widened its umbrella to not only include deployed Aussie and Kiwi and ‘furry’ soldiers, but also to support service people wounded whilst deployed overseas in the service of their country. If you wish to lend a hand, or donate something special for the 2013 project, please contact either Selena or Michelle on the FaceBook page, The callout for donations, and for knitters, will commence in March 2013. A website is coming soon.


Thérèse said...

Such a thoughtful gesture! May all soldiers be blessed.

Dina said...

A fine project. Your photos are enough to make anyone join in.