Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Community gardening

This morning, early, I received a feint phone call, 'Ma, would you like to come, too'? Would I ever!
So off we went to Bondi Junction looking for the Waverley Community Garden, somewhere off Ebley Street. Off, and down a gully, as it turned out.

But what a wonderful way to spend a short morning: three generations working at weeding, watering, growing, talking, and bonding. The first image shows the flower of an onion and, yes, my girls are in the photographs. too. I have already located the nearest community garden to the house that we move into at the end of January. In our suburb! And our local council - Willoughby Council - runs seminars on 'Chooks in Backyards' as well as promoting the 'Sustainable Street' programme.

'Twas meant to be, dear God; 'twas meant to be!

See in that final photograph, Alannah's hand on her mother's arm? Kirsten had been showing the other little girl - Marlo - the flowers and fruit of the zucchini plant. I have a series of shots that show Alannah's thoughts: 'Huh! I will put a stop to that! She is MINE!'!


Kay L. Davies said...

What a wonderful experience, Julie, watching youngsters learn about food and where it really comes from!
Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. We're traveling again and "good days" for the internet don't often happen.
Luv, K

Jo said...

what a lovely post and what a wonderful way to spend a morning.
This move does sound exciting for you all :)

Carole M. said...

I think these community gardens are GREAT setups and so wonderful for the little ones to fossick about and get to gain inspiration at a young age to tendering the earth and plants and eating good foods/produce from them too. Lovely photographs Julie (and I thought you'd already moved).

Ann said...

That's wonderful. I wonder how many community gardens there are.

Jim said...

This is agreat post.

Julie Storry said...

The best ever community garden that I have been in is in St Kilda. It is massive, and very well attended by those who PAY to have a bed. I have images on my 'dead-disk'.

Joe said...

These are the moments that are very special. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Joan Elizabeth said...

The community gardens always look so lush and productive. There is one here in Lawson that I have read about in the paper but I have never been over to it -- it is on private property so I am not sure how open it is. Also since I have enough trouble with my own jungle and native gardens I couldn't take on responsibility for more.

Regarding our garden bed out at the Rest ... it is made with besser blocks. I saw my SILs when were up in Qld earlier in the year and thought it a great idea. Works a treat and very easy to set up. 12 blocks will make a bed of the size you envisage.

Stefan Jansson said...

A fun day for everyone involved.

freefalling said...

I had no idea what was going on over at CDP!
You certainly have taken on a mammoth task. Good luck.
oh yeah - and about this bit:
"Julie describes herself as a slack lay-about"
What the??!
I can't think of anyone less "layabouty".