Monday, 18 March 2013

Festival of the Equinox - Waiting

Sellie dozes patiently on my front porch, being displaced from the garden undergrowth by frantic mattocking and grubbing. I have just moved, you see, into a three generation household of a mummy, a daddy, a little girl, three cats, and - come October - another little person. So waiting, and being displaced is par for the course at the moment. Spring will come all too soon, I suspect. but before that we have the time of rebuilding, the time of fallow, the time of planning. Sellie's porch enters upon the location of my prized veggie patch, hence, the afore-mentioned frantic activity. Laying out, measuring, removing, dreaming. And swearing. And starting again. I want a balance between utility and beauty. A garden that is sustained by water I have collected from the roof, and from soil I have made in the compost. A veggie patch that sustains us in return. And has a nook of quiet safety for Sellie.

This is a contribution to the Festival of the Equinox on the City Daily Photo portal. Take the link to appreciate contributions from other CDP members.


brattcat said...

I wondered how you were doing? And does this mean your daughter is due to have another child? That must mean she is doing well. So many huge changes in your life. Know that I am sending best wishes from across the globe to you and yours.

Carole M. said...

good to see you back Julie. The hard-yards are done with the huge transfer from one house to another. All good wishes; sweet post.

Julie said...

Thank you for this, BC. Yes, it does mean that my daughter is expecting her second child at the very beginning of October. She is doing very well after her surgery in 2011, which has just a few residual issues, mainly cosmetic. Yes, massive changes, all of which take patience to accommodate. I am working on that ... Can you believe that her first child will be 3 and a quarter when 'her' baby arrives ...

Hilda said...

Argh, I forgot about this theme! Sorry, Julie.

Sounds like you've been very busy. Love your earth-friendly plans for your garden!

diane b said...

Great to see the EYE is back. I guess a lot of readjusting has been taking place. Congrats Ma on another little one. I can't believe our second one is almost one.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Sellie looks like a very contented wee pussy cat and why shouldn't she be, surrounded by three generations of loving humans :) lovely to see Sydney Eye back in circulation..happy house 'settling in' Julie, your new little bub in October will be a Libra ..nice :)

Dina said...

Wishing you increasing balance in these times of transition.

Kay L. Davies said...

Julie! How wonderful! I've been thinking about you, and the Big Move, and all, and thinking about e-mailing you to ask, but I didn't want to nag.
And here you are, with news of a new grandchild on the way. That is fabulous. I'm so happy for all of you. Maybe not the cats so much, but all the adults.
And Alannah is going to be such a good big sister. She will be teaching the baby all the things you've taught her, even before Baby is ready to learn.
Wishing all of you the very best,
Love, K

Rose ~ from Oz said...

All good wishes to you Julie for this new chapter.
Lovely to see you back.

Kate said...

Julie, I haven't read anything from your daughter for quite awhile, and please tell her that one of her readers is thrilled for her and happy that she is doing so very well! A new baby is such a exciting event!

You have much to anticipate and to enjoy with that adorable little grand-daughter. Happy for all of you and hope the arrangements work out very well. Best regard to all of you!

Margaret said...

So good to see you back, it sometimes takes a while to settle in and get the internet working the way you need.
Congratulations on the lovely news,Kirsten will be happy not to carry the baby through the heat of Summer.
You can get some Comfrey growing now as it will do lots of good things when added to the compost heap.

head in the sun said...

How the heck are you???
So nice to see you back!!
I didn't like you not being around.

A new person!
Whacko - fantastic news.
She's a tough cookie that Kirsten
(I wonder where she gets it from?)

And a new vegie patch?
Very exciting.

Don't stay away too long this time.
We miss you.

Joe said...

Clever use of depth of field reversed in the same image to demonstrate the balance of the equinox Julie. It sounds like much has changed in your world. Displacement, change and challenges hold much of the good stuff of life.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Like others I really miss your blog posts and am hoping we will see your new location through the Sydney Eye real soon.

More Ma care coming up! Retirement can get very busy.

JM said...

I just love your interpretation on the theme. Great post, Julie!

Buck said...

What a beautiful post Julie. Not just the photos, which are a wonderful exposition of depth of field control, but the sentiment... I so want a garden like that, but I'm stuck in the city and haven't even a postage stamp of a yard. My garden is mostly in pots, overwintering. Waiting for the season to turn again.

This was a wonderful theme, and it motivated me out of my funk long enough to try to make it work. Thanks for your work!

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, Julie, I'm so happy to know the move is over, and you're alright, and there's a new baby coming.
I don't know how I missed this post last week, but I'm glad I looked again after seeing Jim's Sydney post for Skywatch today.
I was so sure I had e-mailed you recently, but perhaps I'm wrong. (I've been wrong once or twice.)
Glad to see you, and the photo of Sellie.
Luv, K

TheChieftess said...

Enjoy your new digs!!! How fun to have your family welcome you with open arms!!! And a new little one on the way!!!