Saturday, 20 April 2013

More than just joining in ...

Community participation is a badge of honour in many areas of Sydney. I have lived in three such:
Glebe where the Glebe Society has aims including
  • the conservation of our Victorian and Federation heritage,
  • ensuring progress is based on best-outcomes and is resident-friendly,
  • providing the community with input into decisions which affect them,and
  • the enhancement of community spirit.
Paddington where the Paddington Society has aims including
  • To maintain all features of Paddington having beauty, architectural or historical value.
  • To preserve existing open spaces and expand these for the health and enjoyment of our community.
  • To maintain harmony with existing architectural patterns where new buildings are constructed.
  • To prevent disfiguring of premises, streets, and open spaces by ugly advertisements, poles, wires and "unseemly structures".
  • To protect residents from noise and other nuisances that prevent the quiet enjoyment of their homes.
And now, Castlecrag where the Castlecrag Progress Association has objectives including
  • To do everything possible to promote and further the interests of the district of Castlecrag or other nearby areas where it is possible that benefit could accrue to the advantage of the district and could enhance and stimulate the community life of residents of Castlecrag and environs.
  • To conserve the natural and human heritage of Castlecrag for the benefit of future generations.
The first two could be read as attempting to create gated communities.


Jim said...

Interesting post.

Joan Elizabeth said...

To me the three groups seem to have similar objectives.

Out at our block I heard they renamed the Progress Association to the Community Association because while everybody was keen being a community nobody was interested in progress ... which I think is admirable ... mmmm maybe it's a gated community.

Julie said...

Nothing wrong with being a 'gated community' so long as you are clear on what you are gating out and also what you are gating in ...

Kay L. Davies said...

I love the phrase "treasured community elder" — who wouldn't want to be one of these?
But I just have to ask — what constitutes an "unseemly structure"? Makes me laugh.
The people of Paddington wouldn't want to live where we live...
When I got tired, and more than tired, of loud noises that made our house shake, I went to the town office.
"Oh," replied the clerk to my complaint, "that's just bombs."
That's how I found out the British Army uses the Canadian Forces base 35 or 40km from here for desert warfare practice, including bombing.
No rest for the weary around here, I fear.
Luv, K

Julie said...

Bombs at 40kms ... good heavens! I found the Paddington Society to be over the top, Kay. Busybodies ...