Monday, 22 April 2013

Thomson House - 156 Edinburgh Road

Interesting task to walk around the Castlecrag Estate (Burley Griffin's first development) and try to pick the "WBG houses". I have a list of them, but trying to pick them by style alone is a challenge. I thought this was one, and I was not out by much. The house next door is the Felstead House, built in 1924. But what of this rapidly deteriorating specimen?

It is 'the Thomson House' built in 1946 from a design by Griffin's partner, Eric Nicholls, remembering that Griffin passed away in 1937. I guess it has been 67 years, but I still find this kinda sad. The most recent sale that I can find was 1999 when it changed hands for $1,450,000. It is on an 850sq m block. The garden is overgrown, but I suspect the adding of the second storey has obliterated the clean lines of the original house. The sandstone decoration I find a delight, as are the entrance way and the garage, which could also do with some TLC.


Barbara Farr said...

The cost of real estate always surprises me.

Joe said...

It is "kinda sad" when houses deteriorate and the hard work and pride of earlier generations seems to be disregarded. Even sadder still is when an empty block lays where a solid historic house once stood.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I agree the second story doesn't do good for this house.

head in the sun said...

Oh man oh man - that was a gorgeous house when it was first built!
Isn't the front door interesting?
It needs some lovin'.

Mark Hennessy said...

When I visited, I too noticed the BG bones of this house and also recognised the de-facing features. Your original image brings the house to life again!