Thursday, 25 April 2013

Walkways and reserves - Turret Reserve

As my knowledge of this fascinating area deepens, I realise that I should have presented things differently. But I guess the bumpy ride is in real-time. I have shown you Tower Reserve already, as I wanted to explain the derivation of the name, Castlecrag. The reserves and walkways were part of the plans originally drawn up by the Griffins for both the Castlecrag Estate and the Haven Estate. I have included the plan [c. Griffin Society] as a separate page, and given time and head-space, will note the location of each of the reserves. There are seven reserves in all, not including the Haven Amphitheatre which is in a category of its own:
  • Cortile Reserve
  • Turret Reserve
  • The Keep Reserve
  • Lookout Reserve
  • Tower Reserve
  • Oriel Reserve
  • Casement Reserve

The Turret Reserve I stumbled across by noticing a signpost between 12 and 14 The Parapet. Being a timid, law-abiding creature, it is confrontingly bold to just bowl down a 'sort of' track beside a house, just like any peeping-tom. I was given heart with this one by a jogger puffing up the track. Luckily, it burst into a full blown walkway of generous proportion part-way round, with glorious views. However, I was intimidated when the track narrowed again, and turned around BEFORE the glory of the 'turret' itself. So, shall make a point of entering from the other direction to get the reserve in all its glory. It was well used by joggers, and by dog walkers. And by people offering to help me ... but I must do it myself.


Dina said...

Shalom Julie. I could not attend the ANZAC commemoration in Jerusalem today, but I am thinking of all my Australian friends down your way.

Julie said...

Thank you for thinking of us on this commemorative day Dina. You are a true friend of Australia.

Jim said...

Love those banksias.

Joe said...

Looking forward to seeing more of this reserve discovered by you Julie. Those banksias are beaut.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I too noticed the banksias. That variety flowers in Autumn and a welcome sight when most other flowers have gone to seed.

head in the sun said...

I am getting bolder and bolder as I get older.
I was a terribly shy and timid child, now I practise floggery (a new word I just learnt) of fruit from stranger's trees and wander into buildings where I should not be.
I figure what is the worst anyone could do to me? Tell me to nick off? (or shoot me perhaps).
Plus I'm a pretty fast runner.
You could always play the crazy old confused lady card - I reckon that could be some good mischief.