Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Barking brave

I guess I am a worry-wort, but ...

The suburb of North Sydney is across the harbour from the CBD and is gentily middle-class affluent. It holds a 'produce market' on the third Saturday of the month in Civic Park, which is between the Stanton Library and the Council Chambers. Surely they know kids climb this tree. I do hope they have cover for all eventualities.

More on the markets tomorrow, before I swan you around another church in this same block.


Carole M. said...

yes it's a bit of the 'kids will be kids' thing and any of us over the age of 50 probably start seeing things in a different way.

Joan Elizabeth said...

A worry-wort indeed. We've got great climbing trees in our yard and nothing pleases me more than seeing kids scale the heights.

I think the world was a more interesting place before we had to insure for every possible misadventure.

Crikey I heard from a pre-school teacher the other day that some parents don't want their children to play outside!

Julie said...

There are two children next door to me here, and they rush in after school, and rush out in the morning. I never see them racing scooters or skateboards down the centre of the road. They are 12 and 8. Sad ...

head in the sun said...

This week my nephew crashed into a tree with his face while out on his mountain bike.
I can't say my nephews and niece live an inactive life - they are always out exploring the escarpment on their bikes or playing footy or cricket in the backyard or swimming in their pool, basketball and skateboards in the driveway. Grown up sports stuff with their Dad - water-skiing or motor-bike riding.
And then there's school stuff - Netball tomorrow morning for Lil, soccer, footy or cricket for the boys.
I think it's awesome they are so active and the benefits show in their personalities too - happy, confident, funny, chilled-out kids who are bursting with health.