Monday, 13 May 2013

The Haven - Searching for the spirit of Marion

As I eased myself down onto the natural sandstone block, I heard his hobnailed books crunch the leaf-litter, above, but to the right of me.

'Looking for the ghost of Marion', he enquired, a slight wry smile playing at the corners of his mouth.
'Perhaps, were I a romantic', I riposted.

This may be clutching at straws, but I am looking for Marion's spirit, not her ghost. Judging that to be cutting, I instead threw out a hook about Americans from the mid-west and the quirkiness of their identification with the landscape of Sydney Harbour. And, there ensued a nice snippet of conversation about Frank Lloyd Wright and landscape as the 'other room'.

Marion's spirit is alive and well.


Carole M. said...

sweet post so well presented Julie; glad you found Marion's spirit in the makings ...

bitingmidge said...

I like the 'rebirth" too. Still lurking ;-)

Joe said...

You never know who you might bump into when your out and about; physical or metaphysical.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Look at that terracing (or is it steps) so much rock work.