Saturday, 15 June 2013

Gallivanting - Myrtleford & the King Valley # 1

After two weeks of seemingly constant gallivanting, again all is calm and sedate with my world. Once again, we braved the chill winds and the leaden skies of the Victorian High Country for the King Valley Wine Festival, this time basing ourselves in the township of Myrtleford itself, in a quaint little 1930s cottage on Main Street. This weekend always involves a lot of driving, and seeing that we visited 9 wineries over three days, we were determined not to repeat our routes too much. Our party having increased in size, we required two vehicles, so for us using back-roads, and chancing our arm with the Subaru GPS was a fun option. This shot, like many taken in the area, was from a moving window, the accuracy of which was mightily pleasing.


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, so pretty, seeing through the leafless foreground trees to the leafy background trees and the bright blue sky beyond. Great work for a moving window shot, Julie.

Jim said...

A very wintery scene.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Well done with the shot from the window. I am about to give up on doing it any more ... our new car has a big rear view mirror that gets into the way from any framing out the side window and the windscreen has such a heavy tint anything shot from the front is no good either.

Makes for disappointing photography during our travels because when towing a van it is very difficult to stop as well.

Julie said...

Yes, I know what you mean about the rear-view on the passenger side. They are most inconvenient - perhaps not for the driver!