Monday, 18 November 2013

Rear view mirror - Hornsby (1/5)

At least through Hitchcock's "Rear Window" one is observing reality, because through my rear-view mirror, I am only observing a representation of reality.

This old photograph was taken in 1920 which was ten years before my grandmother bought the goodwill for 70 pounds, only managing to scrape together the wherewithall for the property during the late thirties when the two older boys could contribute. My grandparents lived in Florence Street, Hornsby from 1931 until August 1956. I loved this old place, with its massive camphorlaurels in the front, that gave it a most Boo Radley aire, although I would not have had that thought at the time.

So, what happened when Mr Westfield gave the place any number of makeovers from 1961 onwards? Here is a close approximation of that same view just two weeks ago. My, what 93 years can wrought!


Kay L. Davies said...

With only your say-so to tell me this is approximately the same place, I fancy I can see something of the old remaining in the new, although reason tells me I'm imagining it. Perhaps it is your skill with the lens that superimposes the one on the other in my mind.
I hope you and Kirsten and the family are well, Julie. I've missed you.
Love, K

Joe said...

Hi there Julie. Nice to see you posting again. Time stands still for no man. How wonderful that you have the memories of that old shop to compare with today's view. I had a similar experience in 2008. My family used to own a tobacconist shop back in the late 1800's and I was lucky enough to find a postcard of it. I visited the site in 2008 and took the current view. Sadly the current view was not a patch on the grand architecture of the past.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I aways find the pace of change in cities exhausting but over the span of a hundred years a country town changes quite markedly too.

hamilton said...

I've had to look up this Westfield as I was unfamiliar with it. Seems the name comes from the west suburbs of Sydney and the fields of farmland he trampled on and desecrated. (can you tell I hate shopping malls like this, too?!)

diane b said...

I think it is called progress. Can you still buy groceries there? Great to see you blogging again. I hope you haven't been unwell.

Julie said...

they are all the same! This one made its developers squillionaires ... I think there are some Westfields in Northern America, too.