Friday, 6 December 2013

Parish of Cook;'s River [5/5]

So, how does a parish survive with a dwindling congregation, when the word of The Lord, and the promise of salvation is not enough. Some churches combine together, as was the case with two historic inner city churches, St Philip's and The Garrison. which came together this year as 'The Parish of Church Hill'.
St Peter's of Cooks River is not able to catch the eye of 'the big end of town', and is falling back upon offerring services to the local community, and offering tours and booklets researched by their history group. The list of brickmaker's families who had children baptised at the church is one such tract. The moving force behind this is Laurel Horton, and her website is St Peters Cooks River History Group. Laurel conducts a tour of the church and the graveyard on the first Saturday of each month.
This photograph of St Peters, was taken in the 1890s, when Rev'd Madgwick was the pastor.

Even a sponsor to provide a series of informative plaques throughout the graveyard, would be a start. Or a more 'in yer face' way of connecting with a wider community via a sign board that trends on FB and Twitter, would be useful. Like that brilliant chap up in Gosford.


Joe said...

Interesting ideas Julie. I like the idea about a sponsor to provide informative signs at cemeteries. They have so much history to offer if explained adequately. A cemetery near us has a huge sign with a map at the entrance which clearly marks all the notable interments for the cemetery sleuth to find. All the best cemeteries should have them and what a great opportunity for sponsorship.

Julie said...

But, not just notables, Joe. There is a broader sweep of history about the 'little' person. For example, a sign about each of the convicts buried in the graveyard. A sign about the brickmakers. A sign about graveyard (and religious) symbolism. This particular graveyard should contact a company called Austral Bricks which, over time, has gobbled up all the tiny brickmakers that littered the nearby brickpits.

Jim said...

It looks magnificent with the spire. I wonder what happened to it?

Julie said...

I will find out, Jim. I suspect it might have had to be demolished because of the state of disrepair - but will confirm.

diane b said...

It is good to hear someone is trying to keep its history alive.

Julie said...

Yes, that is what so attracts me.

ab said...

HI Julie,

It was nice to meet you the other day when you visited. You will be please to know that we already had underway a series of plaques for a self guided tour of the graveyard which will be revealed on 5 April 2015 the 175th anniversary for the graveyard.

In addition marrickville council are preparing an additional plaque for the front wall of the graveyard with some of the general details included.



Julie said...

Excellent, Andrew. I will be in the audience on 5th April, and will give the council appropriate applause. Thanks for your visit.