Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Question Time

My grand-daughter often finds it a chore to get through dinner-time, even though thirty minutes earlier she had been starving and really, really needed a peanut-butter 'n' honey Sao. So, my daughter has introduced "Question Time". Tonight, Alannah asked, "How do you make glass?"

Mama opined that somehow sand was involved. Papa phoned his friend, Mr Google. The child was satisfied with the explanation that a part of sand was heated so very, very hot that it melted.

This sand is on Clontarf Reserve beach, but not protected by the shark enclosure. Being a calm, harbour beach, there are not many shells. There was an array of beach ephemera though, sufficient to engross this photographer.


diane b said...

The wonders of sand and the different ways to get kids to eat. I have been snowed under with tasks to do before we leave to suffer a 13 hour flight to see my little ones. I have scrolled through your posts. It is nice to see you blogging again.

Jim said...

GreaT Post

Julie said...

Thank you, Dianne. I understand from Bill that you are off to LA early in November. Still 13 hours is shory in comparison with Europe.

Thank you, Jim. First week back, and my camera packed it in, and I have to use my daughter's camera.

Joan Elizabeth said...

What fascinates me is how did they figure out that boiling up sand would make glass? I love handmade glass objects as much as I like finding photographable objects on the beach.

Julie said...

Joan, me too. The leaps of the human brain are just terrific. But, I guess it is a little jump, over time, by loys of brains. Still remarkable, though.