Friday, 17 October 2014

Something for everyone

On Fridays, I walk over to High Strret shops. I enjoy the shops: the people are more like me, than the, probably, equally lovely people who frequent the Castlecrag shops. There is a myriad of ways I can mooch to my destination, and I am working my way through the variety. I nearly always, however, walk through, or around Willoughby Park. It was relatively quiet today, but the sky could account for that. There is a concrete path around the playing fields, which accommodates cyclists, scooter(ists), skate-boarders, walkers, and walkers with a leashed friend.
On the outside of the pathway - in the "corners" of the park - are: cricket nets, enclosed playgrounds for young children, a pre-school, a rotunda, and a community hall. There are picnic tables galore, and a couple of coin-operated BBQs. It is a lovely, friendly, family place to be. As I wobble along the path, nearly everyone returns my smile.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

I like nice smooth paths like that thru parkland places.