Friday, 7 November 2014

Lest We Forget (1/4)

This is Peter Corlett's 1989 diorama, "Man in the Mud" in the WW1 Gallery.
The diorama consists of a very large, curved photomural of a desolate landscape of guns, broken equipment and mud.

Mud is everywhere.

The foreground is a muck heap of mud, a broken duckboard and polluted water.

On a little hummock sits a soldier in deep despair, elbows on knees, his face in his hands.

What this soldier has seen, cannot be unseen. He will see this scene for the rest of his life, whether his eyes be open or shut.

Eternal vigilance.
Each year, in early spring, I spend an afternoon in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. It is a sombre afternoon, with much shaking of head, wrinkling of brow, and heart-felt gratitude.
This post is dedicated to:
Claude Gosford Honeyman (1891-1940)
D Coy, 1st Battalion, AIF
Enlisted 31 Aug 1914
Lone Pine
The Somme
Discharged "Medically Unfit", 25 June, 1918
1st cousin of my Great-Grand-Father


Tahiti Daily Photo said...

Very moving

William Kendall said...

Very effective. There's a similar concept in our war museum in the First World War section.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Is this the new WW1 gallery? We will be off to Canberra again soon and will include a visit if the exhibition is now open.

Am watching the new series on the War Memorial by Neil Oliver on the History channel - the first episode was really interesting.