Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Remembrance Day 2014

My headsup to this day is not in support of veterans, so much as a salute to our ancestors, to MY ancestors.

I do not support war, I support peace.

I do not support soldiers, I support people.

I do not support bigger and better armaments, I support well-nourished bodies, and minds.

Lest we Forget.
This post is dedicated to:
Cecil Roy Selby (1898-1982)
Enlisted 1 November 1916 - tried earlier, but too short and too young
2nd Btn, 24th Reinforcements
Served for over 12 months on Western Front without being wounded in the body
One of the few Service Records I have read where the soldier was given 10 days "holiday"
Demobbed 29 November 1919
My maternal grandfather
In this 1935 photograph, Grandpop is second from right with his father and siblings.


Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful post Julie.

EG CameraGirl said...

Very nice tribute to your grandfather, Julie.

Tahiti Daily Photo said...

A touching tribute and nice photos

William Kendall said...

Quite a tribute. A beautiful display of poppies.

Stuart said...

I'm with you ! And that photo of your grandfather is wonderful.

Jim said...

Good memorial for the day.